Here are five ways to conserve water and make your home more water-efficient

Conserve Water In Your HomeWater is a precious resource that should be conserved in every way possible. However, while knowing the reality of its scarcity, we usually take water for granted and mindlessly waste water in different ways. What we should be doing is thinking about ways in which we can conserve or consume less water than normal.

By taking steps to reduce the water usage, you will be playing your part in making the Earth more habitable for others. What’s more, it will help in reducing the water bills, which will be a welcome change indeed. Here are five ways in which you can conserve water and save money as well.

1. Install fake grass instead of real grass

Every year, billion of gallons of water are wasted on natural lawns in the United States. In a state like California, this helps contribute to drought problems. Replacing the natural grass with a synthetic one will not just conserve water, but save effort and cost involved in maintaining a natural lawn.

2. Have Allbritten install a tankless water heater

Another great tip to conserve water is by having Allbritten’s plumbers install a tankless water heater in your home. The best thing about tankless water heaters is that they provide endless hot water, but they also use less energy. Learn more about some of the benefits of a tankless water heater.

3. Conserve water with water-efficient plumbing fixtures

Today, you can buy different types of efficient plumbing fixtures that can help conserve water. You can find different types of high-efficiency model toilets through online retailers such as Amazon.

Dual-flush and WaterSense toilets, for instance, can help reduce about 60 percent water usage as compared to traditional ones. This represents about 4,000 gallons of water for every person every year.

Apart from toilets, you can buy water-efficient taps, showerheads, dishwashers, washing machines, and many other fixtures that can help conserve precious water sources.

4. Fix plumbing leaks

Most people tend to ignore faucet and toilet leaks thinking that it won’t affect water consumption. However, the small leaks turn out to be a large wastage of water resources. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, average household leaks result in more than 10,000 gallons lost every year nationwide

Around 90 gallons or more are wasted every day due to the leaks. If you want to reduce water wastage, and reduce your water bill, it’s important that you immediately fix all the plumbing leaks. Allbritten is your source for plumbing repair in Fresno.

5. Turn off the taps when using the water

A simple way to conserve a lot of water is by turning off the tap when not using the water when brushing or washing the dishes. In this way, you could save about six liters of water every minute.

This will translate into huge savings if everyone inside the house uses discretion in using the water during brushing or dining the dishes.

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