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Avoid DIY drain cleaning and call the professionals

Why you Should Avoid DIY Drain CleaningWhen it comes to drain cleaning, most people think that they can do the task themselves. After all, DIY drain cleaning doesn’t seem to hard. There’s all sorts of products out there to dump down the drain.

However, while drain cleaning may seem like a simple DIY task, the reality is that it can be dangerous and could cost you more money than if you had called an expert.

Here, we will look at three main reasons why you should leave the drain cleaning to the experts at Allbritten.

1. You could damage your home’s drain pipes

Trying to clean the drain yourself can result in damage to the drain pipes. This is particularly the case if you use a commercial cleaner to clean the drain.

These products contain acidic solutions such as sulfuric acid that can corrode the pipes. Regular use of the cleaner can cause great damage to the pipes that will require costly repairs.

2. Most cleaners aren’t effective in clearing deeply clogged drains

You might be able to resolve simple clogs close to the drain through DIY drain cleaning. But the DIY approach will not work with clogs that are deep within the drain. Using metal snakes improperly can result in damage to the pipes. For serious clogs, you should always call an expert rather than try to resolve the problem yourself.

Different drain issues require different plumbing equipment. Professional plumbers have a large variety of plumbing tools. They know which tool will help in effectively cleaning the drain. You can save a lot of hassles and money if you call an expert plumber to clean the drain.

3. In some cases, DIY drain cleaning is dangerous

An important reason that you should avoid DIY drain cleaning is that it can be dangerous. The harsh draining cleaning chemicals can cause skin irritations if there’s exposure. You can also cut yourself on broken metal or get your hand stuck in a pipe.

In contrast, our professional plumbers are trained in the safe usage of drain cleaning chemicals and tools. They know what precautions to take when cleaning the drain. They are trained to perform the job safely.

Skip the DIY drain cleaning and call Allbritten for drain cleaning services

Trying to clean the drain yourself may look tempting. However, it’s recommended that you hire an experienced plumber to clean your drains. You can get injured or damage the pipes if you try to clean the drain yourself.

In fact, you can end up paying more money even when trying to fix a simple drain problem. The next time the drain clogs, it’s better that you save yourself from the problems and risks of DIY drain cleaning and call a professional.

Contact Allbritten. We have a team of licensed and certified plumbers who can help you with all types of plumbing problems.

Here are five ways to conserve water and make your home more water-efficient

Conserve Water In Your HomeWater is a precious resource that should be conserved in every way possible. However, while knowing the reality of its scarcity, we usually take water for granted and mindlessly waste water in different ways. What we should be doing is thinking about ways in which we can conserve or consume less water than normal.

By taking steps to reduce the water usage, you will be playing your part in making the Earth more habitable for others. What’s more, it will help in reducing the water bills, which will be a welcome change indeed. Here are five ways in which you can conserve water and save money as well.

1. Install fake grass instead of real grass

Every year, billion of gallons of water are wasted on natural lawns in the United States. In a state like California, this helps contribute to drought problems. Replacing the natural grass with a synthetic one will not just conserve water, but save effort and cost involved in maintaining a natural lawn.

2. Have Allbritten install a tankless water heater

Another great tip to conserve water is by having Allbritten’s plumbers install a tankless water heater in your home. The best thing about tankless water heaters is that they provide endless hot water, but they also use less energy. Learn more about some of the benefits of a tankless water heater.

3. Conserve water with water-efficient plumbing fixtures

Today, you can buy different types of efficient plumbing fixtures that can help conserve water. You can find different types of high-efficiency model toilets through online retailers such as Amazon.

Dual-flush and WaterSense toilets, for instance, can help reduce about 60 percent water usage as compared to traditional ones. This represents about 4,000 gallons of water for every person every year.

Apart from toilets, you can buy water-efficient taps, showerheads, dishwashers, washing machines, and many other fixtures that can help conserve precious water sources.

4. Fix plumbing leaks

Most people tend to ignore faucet and toilet leaks thinking that it won’t affect water consumption. However, the small leaks turn out to be a large wastage of water resources. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, average household leaks result in more than 10,000 gallons lost every year nationwide

Around 90 gallons or more are wasted every day due to the leaks. If you want to reduce water wastage, and reduce your water bill, it’s important that you immediately fix all the plumbing leaks. Allbritten is your source for plumbing repair in Fresno.

5. Turn off the taps when using the water

A simple way to conserve a lot of water is by turning off the tap when not using the water when brushing or washing the dishes. In this way, you could save about six liters of water every minute.

This will translate into huge savings if everyone inside the house uses discretion in using the water during brushing or dining the dishes.

Your source for plumbing repair in Fresno

If you reside in Fresno, you can contact the professional plumbers at Allbritten to install water-efficient plumbing fixtures and other appliances. We have been serving the Valley for more than 80 years.

The advantages of buying a tankless water heater

Guide: Buying A Tankless Water HeaterThinking about buying a tankless water heater? Read this blog post for a quick and easy guide!

What are tankless water heaters?

Tankless water heaters heat up the water when the tap is turned on. They provide instant hot water on demand. As a result, a tankless water heater can cut your energy bills in half. They are economical and efficient for both residential and commercial use.

If you are thinking about buying a tankless water heater, you must carefully consider the pros and cons before making the purchase.

Advantages of a tankless water heater

There are several benefits to buying a tankless water heater, including:

  • On-Demand Hot Water: The main benefit of buying a tankless water heater is that they offer on-demand hot water. You won’t have to wait long when you open the tap for the hot water.
  • They Take Up Less Space: Another advantage of tankless water heaters is that they take up less space as compared to traditional heaters. The compact size of the heater allows them to be installed in about any location of the house, although most are wall-mounted in the garage.
  • Advanced Features: Moreover, the latest tankless heaters boast several innovative features, such as improved pressure and flow control that offers greater convenience as compared to conventional heaters.
  • More Reliable: They deliver a continuous supply of water at the preset temperature without much maintenance needed. Also, they are more durable and have a longer life as compared to standard water heaters.

Things to consider

There are several things to consider when buying a tankless water heater, including:

  • Tankless water heaters cost about three times more than a standard water heater. Venting propane and gas requires stainless steel tubing, which can add to the installation cost. Note, however, that your energy savings over the lifetime of the system will probably help offset this upfront cost.
  • The water output is divided into multiple lines, but only one faucet can be served at a time. This means that someone will get a cold shower if multiple showers connected to the heating device are running at the same time.

Interested in buying a tankless water heater?

After reading about the pros and cons of the tankless water heater, you’ll now be able to make an informed decision. Get in contact with our team to learn more about buying a tankless water heater and our installation methods.

Why you should get water filtration in Fresno

When you buy a home and move in, you take the water that comes out of the kitchen tap, through the toilet, and out the shower head for granted. After all, it’s all just water, right? However, water filtration in Fresno is more important than you think, as your tap water could contain things that are dangerous to your appliances and your health.

In this blog post, we’ll outline just some of the reasons you should have Allbritten install a HALO water filtration system in your home. For a quote, give us a call at (559) 292-4919 or contact us online.

What is hard water?

Like much of the rest of the state, Fresno’s water is harder than in other parts of the country. Pumped from underground wells, this water has a greater proportion of minerals and salts than fresh water on the surface contained in lakes and rivers. Most experts agree that there’s nothing dangerous about drinking hard water—in fact, hard water can inadvertently supply your body with the nutrients you need. However, hard water has another impact that often leads people to install what are known as water softeners.

Over time, the minerals in hard water can collect on water fixtures, inside of pipes, and on drains. Known as “scale” (short for limescale), this discoloration can really make a mess of your kitchen and bathroom. Hard water is especially hard on your home appliances that intake water, such as your washing machine and your dishwasher. Their intake valves can eventually experience scale buildup so extreme that it partially clogs them.

There are other benefits to hard water, such as the fact that it often “tastes” better and helps you get soap out of your hair while showing. But, many owners looking for water filtration in Fresno are looking for a water softening solution to avoid damage to appliances.

Importance of water filtration in Fresno

In October, we wrote about how certain parts of Fresno were struggling with rust-colored water coming out the tap; a change in water chemistry at a water treatment plant led to corrosion in some water pipes in some Fresno homes. Allbritten has been helping some of those homeowners replace the pipes in their home. But, that problem and other issues highlight the importance of water filtration in Fresno.

Unfortunately, Fresno’s tap water might not be that great to begin with. Out of the nation’s 100 largest cities, the Environmental Working Group names Fresno as the city with the 11th worst municipal water supply. Over 30 chemicals have been found in the water, most principally nitrates—a common problem for cities surrounded by agriculture. This water issue has contributed to a negative reputation for Fresno’s water, and it’s why residential water filtration in Fresno matters.

HALO Water Filtration In FresnoYou have options

So, an in-home water filtration system sounds like a good idea. You’re in luck. Here at Allbritten, we install some of the most advanced water filtration systems on the market: HALO Water Systems. They have multiple models—whole-home, in-line, and guard—with different purposes and abilities. Here’s a quick breakdown:

  • HALO’s whole-home systems, such as the HALO 5 and the HALO Pure Deluxe, not only remove contaminants from the water, but they also soften it. They’re a perfect solution for when you want complete water filtration in Fresno.
  • HALO’s in-line systems, such as the HALO Ion, can be installed on pipe and are designed to prevent the scale buildup from hard water. While they don’t soften water, they do protect your appliances from corrosion.
  • HALO’s water heater guardian is similar to the in-line system, but is specifically designed to protect your water heater from hard water corrosion. Again, this system doesn’t soften or purify water, but it does prevent your water heater from being damaged.

Learn more about HALO systems.

Have Allbritten install your home’s HALO system

If you’re ready to take steps to protect your home’s appliances and your family’s drinking water, give Allbritten a call today at (559) 292-4919. Our experienced plumbers will talk to you about your water filtration needs and match you to the right HALO system. Looking for another way to get in contact with us? Connect with us online, and we’ll get back to your message as soon as possible.

We replace rusted pipes in Fresno

Lately, the city of Fresno’s struggle with rusty and corroded piping in the northeast section of the city has come to the forefront in the news, although the problem has been around for quite a while. If you haven’t been following this story, here’s the issue: a water chemistry issue caused by a new water treatment plant coming online in the mid-2000s led to corrosion within the pipes of some homes in Fresno, particularly in the northeast section of the city served by the plant. As a result, some of these homes are having rust-colored water comes out of home faucets and water fixtures. This has particularly been a problem for older homes, but can also impact more-recent builds with galvanized iron pipes.

This is an unfortunate and complex issue, and legal arguments between the city and homeowners are still unfolding. However, experts have confirmed that the discolored water is coming from home piping itself, not the water supply. Corroded by the changes in tap water chemistry, the galvanized iron pipes are now leeching rust and other contaminants into the home’s water. In many cases, the only way to remove the problem is to partially or completely re-pipe the home, since part of the problem is that the pipes used in construction are themselves at fault.

We can replace galvanized iron pipes with PEX pipes, or pipes made from a different material.

Allbritten can replace your home’s galvanized iron pipes with pipes made from a different, corrosion-resistant material.

What are some signs that my pipes have been effected?

Typically, the first sign that your pipes are having problems is that the water coming out of the faucet is rust-colored, mud-colored, or the color is otherwise distorted in some way. This coloration may be minor, and it might only be able to be seen when filling something large with water, such as bathtub.

According to this article, there are two common factors in all the rust cases. First, that the homeowners had galvanized iron pipes and, second, that their water came from the city’s northeast treatment plant. If you aren’t sure if your home’s plumbing has been impacted, give the City of Fresno a call. They’ll help you find out if nearby homes have been effected.

Do these pipe problems post a health risk?

That’s still a matter of debate, and it really varies from house-to-house. In most cases, the impacted water is safe to drink and use for daily tasks, such as showering and bathing. But, in other cases, the water is running clear, but still showing levels of lead that are up to eight times the acceptable limit. Again, this is lead that is coming from the pipes themselves, as the city’s water is testing clean. This means that each house may have a different level of exposure, even when compared to neighboring homes.

What are my options, and how can Allbritten help?

Some homeowners are waiting to see what the city will do, and what impact—if at all—pending litigation might have. In the meantime, impacted homes have several different options. The City of Fresno says running the tap for two minutes can flush out any settled contaminants. If certain components of your home’s plumbing system have shown sides of corrosion, our company can replace them.

Another option is to have Allbritten replace all the galvanized piping in your home with a different type of corrosive-resistant piping, such as PEX or copper. This may seem like a big step, but it may be only way to be completely sure that galvanized pipes won’t continue to corrode, particularly because some reports have noted that some of the pipes used in construction in the 1990s were cheaply made, with a thin protective layer that has since been corroded by the aforementioned change in water chemistry.

If you do feel like you need to have Allbritten replace either a section of the piping in your home or all the piping in your home, give us a call today. We’ve been serving Fresno families with exceptional piping services since 1932. As a trusted, local company, we’re the best choice for effective pipe replacement. Contact us to learn more about this service and to get an estimate for such a project.

Get more information

If you have further questions about this issue, we recommend calling the City of Fresno’s Public Utilities Department at (559) 292-4919. They can provide you with more information and water testing, as well as advise you on the best way to avoid drinking water with corroded material in it.

Reasons to consider a tankless water heater

As people aim to make their homes more-and-more energy efficient, tankless water heaters are becoming increasingly popular in U.S. homes. In contrast to standard, tanked water heaters, tankless—or “Demand-Type Water Heaters”—use far less energy, heat water as it’s needed, last longer, and don’t carry the risk of a burst tank and a flooded home. A tankless water heater might be the right fit for your home.

In our latest blog post, we’ll break down the benefits of tankless water heaters so that you can decide if one is right for your home. Here are some reasons to consider a tankless water heater:

A tankless water heater can deliver virtually unlimited hot water.

A tankless water heater can deliver virtually unlimited hot water.

1. They’re energy efficient

In most homes, the hot water heater can account for up to 30% or more of your energy use. That’s a significant contribution to your monthly energy bills, and if you have multiple family members under one roof, that percentage could be even higher. All those morning showers add up—and that’s not to mention laundry, dishes, the dishwasher, and washing your hands in the sink. An electric water heater will push your energy bills much higher, and that’s one of the main appeals of a tankless water heater: energy efficiency.

Since tankless water heaters heat water as it’s needed, they don’t waste energy keeping water at a certain temperature until you’re ready to use it. In fact, the U.S. Department of Energy estimates that most households see a 24-34% boost in energy efficiency with a tankless system. That can add up to more than $100 per year for most households. Over the more than 20 years the water heater is in operation (we’ll get to that in a minute), those savings can add up to offset the higher cost of buying a tankless water heater instead of a standard one. But, tankless systems have other advantages.

2. You’ll no longer have to worry about running out of hot water

Since tankless systems heat the water as it flows through the system, they can supply a virtually unlimited supply of hot water to your home. If you have a family with multiple members who need to take a shower in the morning before work or school, a tankless water heater means that you won’t run out of heated water for these consecutive showers. You can even start a load of laundry or the dishwasher in the morning after everyone has showered. While no one wants to waste water, it’s nice to have hot water available when you need it.

This is in contrast to a standard water heater, which holds a certain amount of hot water in its tank. Once that hot water has been used up, you’ll have to wait for the supply to replenish itself.

3. Longer system lifespan

Most tankless water heaters last about 20 years, although many last longer than that thanks to designs that allow for a professional plumbing team to easily replace worn parts and components. In contrast, most standard water heaters last, on average, between 10-12 years. The strain on tank-based systems is far greater, and constantly holding a supply of hot water can cause corrosion, rust, and cracking. Tankless systems don’t have this problem, and they usually last far longer.

In this way, tankless water heaters justify their higher cost in most cases: the increased energy efficiency, paired with only needing to purchase one system in the time you might have bought two standard water heaters, adds up to huge savings.

4. No risk of a tank bursting

This is a major benefit of purchasing a tankless water heater. A tank burst is every homeowner’s nightmare: a water heater failure and break in the tank could cause your home to flood with rusty water, or—even worse—cause a fire to break out. The risk of a water heater tank burst increases with the age of the tank. If you have questions about the state of your standard water heater, consider giving the Allbritten plumbing team a call.

Tankless water heaters do not carry this risk. There’s no tank to burst, and most of the systems come with an automatic water shutoff that will stop the flow of water to a system that has a leak. If your older, standard water heater bursting is something you’ve worried about, consider the peace of mind that a tankless water heater can bring.

5. Allbritten can professionally install your tankless water heater

If it’s time to replace your old, standard water heater, consider a new tankless system from Allbritten. Our professional team of plumbers will expertly install this new advanced system in your home, and we back our work with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. To learn more about our selection of tankless systems and get a quote, contact our team online or give us a call at (559) 292-4919.

Signs that you need plumbing repair—fast

There’s plumbing work that you can choose when and how to do, such as installing a new sink as part of a kitchen remodel or having new faucets placed. Then, there’s the plumbing repair work that you need to have done, as soon as possible. In this post, we’ll review some emergency plumbing issues that require immediate attention from the certified and experienced plumbers at Allbritten.

plumbing repairLeaking faucet or fixture

A faucet or pipe that is continually leaking is not only a major nuisance, but it’s actually wasting an incredible amount of water over time. Here in California, every drop of water counts, and addressing leaking faucets—whether that leak is a steady drip or a major torrent of water—should be a top priority. Give the team at Allbritten a call. Our plumbers are experts at solving leak issues and making sure all pipes are tight and not leaking water.

Water heater leaks and malfunctions

If your water heater has stopped working, you and your family are without hot water, impacting your ability to do dishes, laundry, and take showers. Alternatively, a leaking water heater may be an even larger problem, and may indicate that the water heater needs to be replaced before a major breakdown causes it to flood your home. Whether your water heater needs a checkup or needs to be entirely replaced, Allbritten is your source for professional advice and service.

Water line leaks

When pipes in your home are leaking, don’t just leave it out-of-sight, out-of-mind. Leaking pipes can not only be a major waste of water, but they could lead to the growth of mold and mildew in hard-to-reach places. Instead, give Allbritten a call, so that we can address the issue right away.

Single clogged drain

A single clogged drain may not seem like that big of a deal. But, if that drain is the one in your home’s only shower, it could be a major inconvenience for you. Alternatively, clogs in the kitchen sink also impact your ability to cook and clean at home. The Allbritten team comes equipped with special equipment for cleaning drains, including electric snake tools and other professional gear. When you have a clogged drain in the kitchen, the obstruction may be grease buildup deep in the pipe. Before you subject your pipes to an assortment of dangerous chemicals you picked up at the grocery store, let the Allbritten team attempt to remove the obstruction without the use of acids that could harm pipes.

Multiple clogged drains

In contrast, if all the drains in your home are clogging at once, it may be a sign of a very serious problem: a sewer backup. A sewer backup occurs when a major blockage prevents all water and waste from leaving your home and entering the sewer. This is a major problem and—if this is happening—you should immediately stop using all water in your house and call Allbritten for emergency service. A sewer backup can eventually lead to raw sewage coming back up through the pipes of your home and spilling out drains in reverse. This could lead to a messy flooding of your home that may cause permanent, expensive damage.

Need plumbing repair?

If you have a plumbing repair issue, don’t trust just any company. Trust Allbritten. Our team puts customers first, and we back our work with a number of guarantees—not to mention the fact that we’re licensed, bonded, and insured. Give us a call at (559) 292-4919 to schedule plumbing repair today!

When you need emergency service

Allbritten offers emergency service for heating, cooling, and plumbing problems. But, what exactly does that mean? We’ll explore in this post.

What does “emergency service” mean?

emergency serviceIt can be a stressful experience when your air conditioner goes out during the summer, and—suddenly—your family is left without cooling. On the hottest days, this can be a serious problem that not only impacts your family’s comfort, but their health and safety. When that happens, you need emergency service from the professionals at Allbritten.

We also provide emergency service for heating systems and your home’s plumbing needs. Whether your faucets are leaking or your furnace is making strange, unnatural noises, give Allbritten a call. We’ll dispatch an expert to inspect the problem and apply a long-lasting fix.

Even on weekends and holidays?

Yes, even on holidays that fall on weekends. Allbritten offers emergency service every day of the year, so you’re never without heating, cooling, or secure plumbing.

Will I pay anything extra for emergency service?

Not through Allbritten. We charge the same rate no matter when you call us. Need us to come fix a broken pipe at your aunt’s house at 4 pm on a Sunday? You’ll pay the same as someone who called us at 11 am on a Monday. You can’t plan ahead to have a plumbing emergency. Why should you pay extra just because it falls within a certain period of time? Give us a call, and we’ll dispatch a technician or plumber as soon as possible.

Plus, we offer honest, upfront pricing. You’re going to know what we’ll charge before we get started so that you’re never caught by surprise by your final repair bill. Needing AC, heating, or plumbing repair shouldn’t be an opportunity for a company to entrap you. Instead, work with Allbritten.

How do I know that Allbritten’s repairs will last?

We offer a one-year parts and labor warranty on all the heating and cooling repairs we make. If we fix something in your air conditioner and you have that part fail again in the next two months, we’ll cover the cost of fixing it. That’s peace of mind.

Why go with Allbritten?

We’ve been serving Fresno and surrounding communities in California’s Central Valley for more than 80 years. That’s a tradition of excellence that we’re proud to keep going today through our excellent service and commitment to customers. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all of our services, which means we’re going to get the job done right the first time—or we’ll work to make it up to you.

At Allbritten, our motto is that happy employees make happy customers. That’s why we hire the best possible service members and give them the support and equipment they need to make a positive difference. You’ll find that our technicians and plumbers are courteous, professional, and—best of all—trained to get the job done right.

If you’re ready to experience the difference that working with a trusted group of professionals makes, give Allbritten a call to schedule your emergency service.

Four reasons your next water heater should be tankless

Lately, you may have heard something about new tankless water heaters—systems that provide homes with unlimited hot water. These systems are great and have many advantages besides a never-ending supply of hot water, such as energy efficiency, a longer lifespan, and a reduced risk of catastrophic failure. Allbritten can walk you through these systems and what they’re capable of.

Tankless Water HeaterWhat is a tankless water heater?

As the name itself states, a tankless water heater doesn’t store hot water in a tank, waiting for you to use it. Instead, a tankless system rapidly heats water when you turn on your faucet. It’s smaller than a traditional water heater and can even be wall-mounted, saving you room in your garage or laundry room.

All the hot water you need

A tankless water heater warms water as it runs through the system, not by storing hot water. This means that you have access to unlimited warm water when you or your family turns on the faucet. No more running out of hot water in the morning.

Save money through efficiency

Whether you’ve used a gas or electric system, heating water can be a large part of your home’s energy bills. A tankless system uses less energy because it’s heating water as you need it, not paying to maintain a store of hot water that you’re not using, such as a traditional system does. With a tankless setup, you’re saving a large amount on your monthly bills that can offset the price of the system.

Longer lifespan

Standard water heaters last about ten years at most, but tankless water heaters can last twice that long if properly maintained. So, while the initial cost of a tankless system may be higher than a conventional one, consider that you might have to buy two standard water heaters in the time you’d have the single tankless unit.

No risk of a burst water heater

When you have a metal tank full of hot water, things can go wrong. Very wrong. In a worst case scenario, your water heater can have pressure build up, putting stress on the interior that eventually results in something breaking and the water getting loose. You could be at work all day, have your water heater burst, and come home to a flood. If you have a tank water heater, Allbritten can help with automatic water shut-off systems. However, we’d recommend considering a switch to a tankless water heater. Since there’s no storage of water, there’s no risk of a burst.

Allbritten can help install a tankless system

If you’re ready to make the switch to a tankless water heater, Allbritten’s skilled and industry-certified plumbers can help. Give us a call to schedule service or to learn more about the tankless setups we offer.

When to Call the Plumbing Repair Experts

Plumbing repair

Plumbing repairs are some of the most common issues we have in our homes, yet, they are often left undetected until we come home to a flooded room. There are a lot of moving pieces that go into the plumbing in your home and repairs and issues can sneak up on you at any given time. It is important to know what problems you can fix yourself and when you should call an experienced team to handle your repairs.


Common plumbing repairs

If you own or rent your home, it is probably safe to say that you have encountered some sort of plumbing issue at one point or another. We hope that these repairs are small and can be handled on our own, but some common plumbing issues do require a well-equipped team to handle the job.

First, it is important to be aware of common plumbing issues can arise in your home, so you are fully prepared to handle any repairs.

Minor Repairs:

Some plumbing repairs are smaller than others and often you are able to handle them on your own without any help from the professionals. If you find yourself faced with any of the repairs listed before, you, more likely than not, will be able to tackle the job on your own.

  1. Clogged sink drain
  2. Clogged toilet
  3. Low water pressure in shower
  4. Dripping faucets

Major Repairs:

If your luck has run out and you find yourself standing in front one of these major repairs, we suggest that you call in the experts to help you tackle the difficult task.

  1. Leaking water heater
  2. Leaking pipes

What to do in a plumbing repair emergency

plumbing service Fresno If you find yourself standing in front of a plumbing emergency, you may be wondering, “what do I do now?” It is overwhelming to know where to start, which is why we are here to come to your rescue and share what you should do in the midst of a plumbing crisis.

  • Shut off water: When you first realize you have a plumbing issue, you will first want to shut off your water supply to stop and continuous damage from occurring. If you don’t know where your water supply can be found, you can typically find it near water meter.
  • Assess the problem: Before you call any professional, it is important to understand what your plumbing issue is. This will help your plumber to better understand what they will be walking into when they arrive at your home.
  • Call your water company: Sometimes, plumbing issues are not a result of homeowner error. Try giving your water company a call and explain the issue to see if it is something they can help with.
  • Call a plumber: If you are unable, to fix the issue on your own, your next step would be to call a plumbing professional to come out to your home and assess and repair the problem.

Plumbing repair experts

If you have found yourself with the misfortune of needing a plumbing company to come out to your home, you could be frightened with what to keep in mind when talking to your potential new plumber. By keeping these three things in mind, you will be sure to hire the company perfect for you!

  1. Certified technicians: Letting a stranger into your home can be a terrifying thought. You would not want a Joe Shmoe to have control over the comfort in your home, so why would you hire a company that does not employ certified and trained technicians?
  2. Emergency service: Hiring a company that is available 365 days a year is crucial when you find yourself facing a plumbing problem. Here at Allbritten, we take pride in bringing comfort to your home whenever you need our team. We do not charge extra for weekends, after hours, or holidays, so if you find yourself with hot water on Christmas, we are here to rescue you!
  3. Guaranteed work: It is always important to hire a company you trust. You want your plumbing issue to be a thing of the past when your technician leaves; however, if something were to occur, you would want to know that you are 100% covered. Make sure to ask if the plumber you call guarantees their work.

plumbing repair Fresno 2We are not called the barefoot plumber for nothing! Our team of NATE-certified technicians is available to make sure your home and family are always comfortable. If you find yourself in need of a plumber, schedule your appointment today and receive $50 off of your purchase!